A leading provider of qualitative & quantitative assurance services within shipping & bulk agricultural cargos

man standing in a pile of corn inspecting the quality


With our full-time staff of experienced surveyors and dedicated managers, you can have confidence in the status of quality and condition of your cargo from origin to point of export.


With the leading grain, feed, and vegetable oils laboratory in the Gulf Export Region, we are able to provide testing for virtually any request including toxins, chemical residues, contaminants, proximates, GMOs, dioxins and microbiology.

oil bottles in a lab being tested
cargo boat in the mississippi river shipping grains


Our Logistics team is specifically organized to provide efficient, flexible and specialized logistical support. With expertise from origin to discharge port, we can provide assistance with domestic transportation, elevation, and any detail required for successful execution.


Adhering to internationally accepted standards, we can provide the representative sampling of cargo throughout various means of loading at land-based elevators, floating elevators, and bucket crane operations.

man in a hard hat taking a sample of grains on boat
forwarding documents on a table


Our experienced Forwarding staff can advise on the latest requirements, regulations, and irregularities of any destination while ensuring that your documentary needs are met swiftly and accurately.


With our broad reach of experience and contacts, we can provide information, connections and assistance ranging from sourcing commodities to charting vessels in support of a smooth, cost-effective execution.

a man presenting in front of a projector in an office
grains, seeds, and feeds in a pile


At RMG, our inspection, sampling, and testing expertise extends from grains, oilseeds and feeds to rice and vegetable oils.


RMG’s mission is to proactively minimize risk, loss, and claims on our clients’ behalf.


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The Russell Marine Group operates in all ports within the United States and together with our strategic partnerships, we are able to extend our services throughout ports from the Americas to Asia. 

Our highly dedicated management team and surveyors have expertise with troubleshooting problems across the globe.

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